Third Call to "Biomanufacturing Challenges of Immunotherapy 2017"

Conference Date: November 13th to 17th, 2017


The opportunity to visit the scientific Havana

The third edition of this workshop will be held in Havana during November 2017, organized by the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM). The workshop will continue to be held every two years. In last meeting (2015) more than one hundred works were presented in both modalities: lectures and posters. The last edition was successful in engaging participants in fruitful discussion on technical hurdles in the expansion of immunotherapeutic agents’ availability for extended use in treatment of several diseases.



Since our last meeting the potential and achievements of the immunotherapy field has continued to grow. Recently, in the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) ratified an increase in the use of immunotherapy for cancer, with the potential demand expected to reach more than 50% of all cancer treatments. Unfortunately, development time and costs for new immunotherapy drug candidates has also continued to grow, which makes the use of these medicines unavailable for most of the patients who need the treatments.


The main topics will be organized in the following sessions:

01Cell line development.

02Cell culture for glycoprotein and antibody production.

03Technology for therapeutic vaccines.

04Downstream platforms.

05Formulation development.

06Quality and regulatory trends.

07Biotherapeutics Products Characterization

08Business Challenges & process economics.

Biomanufacturing Challenges of Immunotherapy 2013 was the first edition of a biannual workshop organized by CIM, with the purpose to discuss how to manufacture therapeutic vaccines and antibodies to make it possible the extended use of these drugs at affordable prices, for an increased impact of Immunotherapy in the society. Some photos of past event are shown below.